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On November 5th, the Web Summit 2018 opened in Lisbon, Portugal. Founded in 2010, Web Summit has become the largest technology event in Europe under the leadership of founder Paddy Cosgrave and has been hailed by Forbes as “the world’s top technology event”.

Web Summit 2018 was unprecedented in scale, with more than 70,000 people from 159 countries, including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Twitter founder Evan Williams, Microsoft President Brad Smith, Samsung Electronics Chief Strategy Officer and President Sun Yingquan, and eBay President And CEO Devin Wenig, Aston Martin Executive Vice President Marek Reichman, Shell Group CEO Fan Boden, Polar Chain Technology Video++ CEO Jin Ming, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Branbic and other 1,200 speakers. In addition, 1,800 startup companies and 1,500 top global investors gathered to discuss opportunities and challenges, problems and countermeasures for global technology development.

Web Summit 2018 has set up 24 sub-forums, including the AutoTech/Talk Robot forum focusing on autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and robotics, the planet tech forum focusing on environment and climate change, focusing on the market, investing in the Pandaconf forum, focusing on At the Startup University Forum for Startups, the CryptoConf Forum focuses on Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Digital Currency, focusing on the DeepTech Forum, which includes nanotechnology, quantum computing, and gene editing, as well as bringing together policymakers and academic experts from around the world to focus on technology. How to change the Forum forum for our life, study, work and entertainment. 373 dialogue speeches took turns, and brainstorming swept the world.

In addition to the hot topics such as Internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, and electronic payment, the Chinese and Chinese-American trades are also widely discussed in the conference. some investors believe that China has now surpassed Silicon Valley, and Chinese startups have invested more than anywhere else in the world.

According to a report, China has 772 million network population, 7.1 million smart phone users and 753 million mobile network users. It not only surpasses the United States in terms of number of users, but also pays for mobile payment. Chinese network technology companies also compare with the United States. Do not let more.China’s mobile payments are at the forefront, with 37% of Chinese using mobile payment services and only 15% in the United States.

The South China Morning Post reported that Abacus, the Chinese technology’s global influence, and the venture capitalist 500 Startups published the “2018 China Network Report” this week, comparing China and the United States in the online world through clear data and in-depth analysis. The development shows that China not only surpasses the United States in terms of the number of network population, smart phone users, mobile network users or mobile payment users, but also China’s network technology industry is not too much, almost in all fields are comparable to the United States. Competitors.

A large population has become the best environment for cultivating network technology。China, with a population of 1.4 billion, but the United States only 327 million population. For example, China now has 772 million network users, 716 million smart phone users, 753 million mobile network users, and 527 million mobile payment users. In comparison, the United States has only 292 million network users and 226 million. Smart phone users, 237 million mobile network users, and 48 million mobile payment users.China’s mobile payments are at the forefront of the world, with 37% of Chinese using mobile payment services, even my grandparents only bring mobile going to shopping but not cash.only 15% of Americans use mobile payments.from the popularity of mobile payment, we can see that China is changing. It is no longer just a big counterfeit country that everyone knows in the past, but it can breed various innovations due to local demand.

The Chinese government has also played a pivotal role for  local technology.  The Chinese AI industry has “the government support that most other countries do not have, and the investment amount exceeds that of most other countries”. The goal of the Chinese government’s 2030 plan is to build a domestic AI industry worth nearly $150 billion.” Chwee Kan Chua, head of global research in artificial intelligence at research firm IDC, said: “China’s leading position in this field is simple – this is The government’s push. For example, China is investing resources in intelligent video surveillance. In the name of public safety, China has a camera in every corner that can track movements, objects and people, so it can build huge database analysis to train artificial intelligence.

The use of emerging technologies can be seen everywhere in China. For example, the government uses face recognition technology to improve traffic and safety, and big data to assist the operation of farm. In addition to robots in factories, robot Dentists, blockchain technology has been used in finance, physical medicine and medical fields in China, as well as a booming, Chinese-based digital voice assistant service, whether Baidu, Xiaomi, Alibaba or Jingdong have launched their own The brand’s voice-activated speakers can be seen that China has followed the footsteps of the United States and is already a network technology striker. 

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Different from the American industry, the company usually extends its reach to the global market. The Chinese industry is still dominated by the local market.According to NetApplications’ June survey, Google’s search share in the global market was 72.21%, followed by Baidu’s 13.74%, and Microsoft’s Bing ranked third with 7.72%. the 20 Internet companies with the highest market capitalization or valuation, China has 9 and The United States has 11. Five years ago, there were only 2 in China and 9 in the United States. The gap between China’s position in the global Internet and the United States is further narrowing, we will see what will changes in next 10 years.

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