Empathy is the experience of understanding another person’s thoughts, feelings, and condition from their point of view, rather than from your own. You can imagine yourself in their place in order to understand what they are feeling or experiencing. Empathy facilitates prosocial (helping) behaviors that come from within, rather than being forced, so that we behave in a more compassionate manner. Although there may be a genetic basis to empathy, research suggests it is possible to boost your capacity for empathic understanding.

source: swirlnationblog.com

empathy map

An empathy map is UX design asset that helps designers and non-designers understand and visualizer a user’s needs and being sensitive to the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of user.empathy map it’s a most useful(easy and fast to create) tool to helps we better understand user. for a good website , you need to know your users and care about their livers, what’s the user exactly would do and how they think. empathy map should create at the beginning of the design process after user research but before requirement and concepting. the only materials needed are makers, large sheets of paper ,white board, plenty of sticky notes, you can sketch your map or download free template online.


an post empathy map 1

Drew is graphics design student who from France to studying in Dublin, he enjoys personalising and customising his possessions . Drew tends to spend a lot of his spare time drawing and music.he prefer shopping online more than shopping on the stores, he think shopping online not just save time and also get the better price.but one thing very annoyance him is some items from Amazon or eBey doesn’t ship to Ireland.he heard An Post has a new service call”Address pal” that gives customers the use of  a proxy address for the delivery of online shopping from the UK,US and beyond.he decided going to An Post website have a look and check how much charge parcel delivery from Dublin to Nice as he would like to sent some Christmas present for his family.

An post website homepage without search bar was confusing Drew where should to find the “Address pal”, eventually he found it on “receiving” section after clicked into “post and parcel” page from home page. he can’t find the price from the home page either, have to clicked into “post and parcel” page ,then clicked into “sending” section, then clicked into “postal rates”,then clicked”parcel”,finally him found some details of the price.Drew think an post website should more clean and easy to use ,let people spend less time to find what information they want.

an post empathy map 2

Kate is a retired teacher who lives with her husband and a dog in Dublin.she loves cook and handcraft.she would like send some handmade jam and cookies to her son (who living and working in London).she doesn’t use desktop if not necessary as she got a present( a large screen smartphone) from her son, so she would like to try make a post delivery order from An Post mobile website.she think An Post mobile browser is too many information on the home page and the text is bit small, she needs put glasses on to help her read the test clearly.

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