No matter how much expert knowledge and experience you have, you can’t know everything, You can’t always judge situations perfectly.user testing is a great way to discover problems with your website or app, And to increase empathy with your users. 

Silicon Valley HBO:Usability Test

A simple and complete test can be roughly divided into four steps

1.Definition and Setting: plan the test, figure out exactly what you’re testing and whether you will test it in person or remotely.

2.Recruitment of Subjects: find the right users for testing, user will directly affect the results after the test, so the selection needs to be based on the target population of the product. This benchmark is multifaceted and can be based on basic background information (gender, age, education level, etc.) or user abilities. The more detailed the benchmark the more likely it is to recruit eligible subjects.

3.Test and Observation: in the test environment, try to select a room or environment with less interference to avoid affecting the test. Before the test is carried out,  should first explain the process and purpose of the test, and then explain the test and the way the personal data is processed. The process of recording the subject’s interaction with the product, if testing a app, can record the app’s screen during the test, pay attention at user expression and gesture .during the tests, make sure that you do not influence the opinion of the users in any way. Do not ask them questions that lead them to a particular answer like Do you think this page is too bright? For your questions in a neutral manner. Also, do not look for feedback in the test. The objective of the test is to get the task done rather than to check what they think is the best color for the dashboard.

4.Result Analysis: Keep an open mind towards the test as some finding may be completely opposite to your assumptions. That is the point of user testing, don’t get too attached to the design. Improve based on the results and feedback of the test. You can highlight the issues that come up in the test in your reports and use them as a starting point for the next versions.It is important that you conduct usability tests often to achieve the maximum benefits from the whole process. If you plan ahead and plan for contingencies, usability tests can be very easy to set up and can easily be integrated into your development cycle.

Depending on the scale and time course, the steps in the test can be adjusted according.

user testing 1

User testing 1, Kwen thinking the good thing in An Post mobile site : easy to find tracking number , the price calculate on the top on of home page ,and easy to go back home page on every section.something not good is :whole page is too long and home page is too many information for a mobile site, needs to scroll up and down all the time.the price calculate is not friendly for use which have to click so many times and the button, text and image are too small have to zoom in to see it clearly.

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