The final phase of my solution will be to produce a digital prototype of my proposed solution.After research, empathy map, user personas, user testing, I clearly found the problems with an post mobile site, i use Justinmind to created new prototype, the best thing about Justinmind is its ease in designing and prototyping mobile and web applications. It comes preconfigured with widgets and icons to help me put the design element in places with ease. There is a learning curve but with its easy to use interface, it doesn’t take much to learn the layout. Another thing i like about justinmind is the easy editing of existing widget texts and colours.

An Post Mobile Site – Home page

multilingual setting 

First I crated multilingual setting on the top of site as during the search I found that foreigners are the most user to use the postal service.The more professional and accessible website is, the more customers will gain and the more loyal they will be. Of course it’s not just about convincing people to visit website, it’s about converting those visitors into loyal customers. most visitors leave a site somewhere after a visit lasting between 0-8 seconds (source). This means that website content needs to be engaging and, even more importantly, translated accurately. if likely spent valuable time and money making website’s English content amazing, so it’s vital to do the same when translating pages to other languages. and people feel safer making online purchases in their own language. They have more trust in the website overall, they can get a better feel for the products and services the provide, and they’re more comfortable with the checkout process if there is one. By creating a multilingual website for your customers also know that you went the extra mile to make their experience as easy as possible. The confidence customers have in the services will grow as a result and the brand will become synonymous with trust, reliability, and excellent customer service.

search bar

I also created search bar for An Post mobile site as Hua was very confused and spent lots of time looking for some information about “Address pal” on the web page during using testing.Search Bar is a simple quadrilateral that sets everything straight, to enhance the user experience, Search bar plays a huge role in the sense that it allows users to search through your website quickly and easily. people on mobile devices are far more finicky than those on desktops. As a mobile user myself, I know that I’m always in a hurry trying to find what I need quickly on the quicker search-ability means, you are reducing the extra effort that your customer might have to implement, had there been no such option. whichever page a visitor lands on, they can search for what they want.  This allows people access to some of the hidden content that would take much longer to find by clicking through countless pages.

KISS-keep it simple ,stupid

Keep it simple, stupid (KISS) is a design principle which states that designs and/or systems should be as simple as possible. Wherever possible, complexity should be avoided in a system—as simplicity guarantees the greatest levels of user acceptance and interaction. KISS is used in a variety of disciplines, such as interface design, product design, and software development.–from Wikipedia

This is a practical matter as much as anything else – things that are large and complicated will all but inevitably become slow on a mobile device, and one of their main demands is instant delivery of the content they want.

Simple designs also make it easy to keep their attention on the content you want them to see – mobile users often have notoriously short attention spans, and there’s definitely a point where keeping things simple can be more valuable than investing in an elaborate, complex theme. so i created 10 big simple Icon with button (which i think most people use for an post website) instead too much information sections,  its much easier , cleanlier, faster for users.

Calculate the postage

I think calculate the postage is the worst part in An Post mobile site, text and image are too small ,form design is too complicated and small, so i build a calculate form to resolve these problems.i try to eliminating unnecessary fields, keep it short and sample, and radio buttons let user without typing.

price result

I also created “show details” button to hide some details information to make interface not too messy ,and sort selector button to show different result user wants.smaller touch targets are a common source of problems for mobile users — mistaken taps often happen because of small touch controls. When i designing mobile interfaces, it’s best to make buttons big enough so they’re easy for users to tap. 

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