When we open Dribbble ,Pinterest, Instagram these App ,it is difficult to distinguish the difference between each other: a non-serif font headline with a rounded edge and a modern sense, a minimalist black-and-white tone-based interface, a large amount of white space, a small amount of brightening color, and even no mention Bright color. This modern interface design style is very simple at first glance. The irony is that they are from the largest companies, the most popular and the most widely-received products. In terms of visual perception, people feel that they have "nearly been designed.i think visual and information fatigue of a large number of APPs is a real existence that no one can ignore. Most people are tired of switching back and forth between too many applications. Every time you download a new app, it takes a lot of time to re-learn how to use.the following points are my opinion why conventions and patterns are important for UI design.


Conventions design allows users to easily learn the operation, without the need for relevant personnel to go through the instructions one by one designing the user interface, it's important to remember the interactions between human cognition and the screen you design. Simplifying operations for users means not forcing users to increase their learning costs.Interface consistency ensures that users do not have to add additional learning costs for each task. In addition, establishing a platform design specification allows users to complete new tasks without having to learn a new set of tools. This sounds like a simple concept, but there are many examples of their design lacking consistency.Users tend to apply their experience outside of your website or product, bringing a range of their own expectations. Anger or frustration is understandable when users are hindered from achieving their goals. Blindness often leads to frustration for users, and frustration leads to a bad user experience. Therefore, every touch point should be eliminated as much as possible to give users a sense of confusion.


After the user uses it, an accurate mental mode will be established. After familiarizing with one interface, switching to another interface can easily guess various functions, and it is easy to understand how to operate.

3.Good visual effect

Conventions design brings a good visual effect, giving the user a highly unified feeling, the interface is simple and orderly, and the experience is increased.
good example of convention and patterns design app – everything is organized
I think conventions and patterns is very important for UI design, but also need to know how to balance and apply. Don't let them be the reason  stay in the comfort zone, learn to speculate and overthrow myself to make progress and make breakthroughs.

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