“song lyrics” app UI design is inspired by the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights.

Because I want to create a simple ,clean page, so only choose green, black, white for the color palette.

as i using logo for the header so i need to thinking how to create a nice logo for my app first.when people talking about lyrics i always thinking something like music, song ,audio and character.

in the final logo, i used the combination of notes , letters, and added a thick black line below the letters, which represented that the song is composed of music and lyrics.

the typography i decided using helvetica neue condensed black for headline, helvetica regular for body text. helvetica is a type of clean ,simple typography ,just exactly what i need to my app.

i also create a persona for app. Nina is a software engineer who living in Brazil, she loves music and thinking “behind every favorite song ,there is an untold story”.she feels annoyance can’t find lyrics from spotify or apple music.(haha, she needs check my app)

very clean , simple ,useful app done !

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