Value proposition: K-Run is a social app for runner, download our app to make your run more fun, K-Run including GPS run tracking,Audio-Guided Runs, weekly, monthly challenges, customised coaching plans for your goals, music…also you can meet some friends to running together, and allow sharing your achievement to your friend.


marketing target: professional runner, amateur runner, runner, people who would like to meet some friends to running together, sport-lover, sociable, energetic, dynamic ,love heathy life , age18-48

Empathy map



Morning, evening, weekend, anytime


out door


Our Vision: Make running more fun, help people to find a running buddy near them to running together.

Our Mission: 100 times download on first month,600 times download on next 3 months.

1.Strategy: Social Media Campaign

2.How to: Use Face book page , E-mail campaign link to Marketing website

3.Task list

Face book:

Facebook is one of the first places people go to learn about the products they want to buy. that means it’s also probably the best place for social marketing campaigns.

a. Create a home page.

b. Create custom tabs

c. Add milestones:face book support adding milestones, which allows us keep track of important events in our business, we can use this to highlight some of your biggest accomplishments, such as fan growth, awards, product launches and other big things.

d. Tag other pages and other users: allow other users to post content on your timeline, make your page become more engaging and active.

e. Create an offline event : bring more potential consumers come to the offline running event, try to introduce K-run app on the event to enhance consumers’s brand and product memory.

E-mail (mailchimp):

Email campaign has become one of the most effective marketing campaign with its advantages of low cost, fast delivery speed, accuracy, personalised and easy operation.

a.Create contact lists

b.Create e-mail campaign

c.Create campaign’s name

d.Design e-mail’ content

e.Schedule for campaign


SMART marketing objectives: 100 times download on first month,600 times download on next 3 months.

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